Month: September 2020

The Wife Gets Whatever She Wants

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When my wife and I moved into our home, she was insistent on us getting shower doors installed. The bathrooms in our home came with shower rods and curtains, and I didn't really see anything wrong with that, but she wanted to have some fancy glass sliding doors because they looked better than shower curtains. I didn't think anyone would really care about the curtains or doors while bathing, but apparently my wife is the person who thinks about it. Since she wanted the doors, I looked at local companies for installing shower doors in Somerset County NJ.

Over the span of a month, I've probably looked at more shower door companies than most people ever do in a lifetime. Every time I found a company that I thought was good, my wife would always find something wrong with them. One company had reviews that were too low for her. One company had prices that were too high for her. One company didn't have the type of glass she wanted. I understand being a careful shopper and getting the most for money, but I think she was going a little bit overboard in this case.

After what seemed like forever, my wife finally found the company that she was able to deem as perfect for the job. This company had the right amount of positive reviews, had good prices, and had the glass she wanted for the shower doors. I contacted them and made arrangements for them to come to our home and take some measurements and make a price estimate. My wife was quite pleased with the offered price and agreed on the doors for the bathrooms. I hope my wife never puts me through that experience again, but she probably will. She's been thinking about having the toilets replaced.

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