AOL Mail Management With ALTO

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Today every person has multiple mail account they want to keep differently because of some reasons like for friends, social usage, business or corporate mail account etc. In the present world everyone is being sticked to their smart phones as their whole world is managing through their mobile phone. People are busy in exchanging messages, sending emails with their account but sometimes it get difficult as users have their multiple mail accounts with them and it becomes challenging to manage them.

To recover with this problem AOL has introduced a mail app called Alto mail. Alto is free and runs on Android 4.0 devices and higher, and it's also available on iOS if you use any Apple hardware. This app is recently introduced for the android phone users now the users are easily managing their mails with the app in a very efficient way. This mail is introduced for the users so that they can organize their mail properly. Alto Mail will be able to aggregate all their email accounts into one application including accounts from AOL Mail itself, Yahoo!, Gmail, iCloud, Outlook and more according to AOL. Now with this you will get your mail account at your fingertips.

Alto is divided into a few different pages. Like the way that Inbox sorts out your messages by filtering them, Alto gives you a way to filter things into classifications called "stacks" which let's to view messages and mails taking into account the sorts of substance inside them, as photographs, documents, or messages with individual data. Alto has even used Google Now's card position for showing essential points of interest like flight data and delivery arranges so you don't need to open your messages to view that specific information, everything it can be seen from the cards themselves which show on screen from the dashboard. The dashboard even demonstrates to you the climate and date information up top in the event that you like.

Some of the features of Alto app: -It not only synchronized with AOL mail it gets synchronized with other mails like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and even iCloud to make your inbox more attractive. -With this application you will get your mails arranged in a grid in their specific folders. -Shortcuts of Gmail also works with it, the labels are shown here as folders, there are links to Google drive and calendar, and if the user is connected with face book all your friends updates you will get here also. -You will find an attractive mode of mails in this Alto app. You will love to use this mail application on your mobile device. -Social media is also integrated into the application with the inclusion of Face book, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. -Over the mails now you can able to organize your mails on the basis of documents, pdfs, photographs, conversations, bills etc. -The application has also introduced a Snooze feature which alarms you to reply a message over the chat. These features are for the person who usually keeps any message unread. -The users who are using this app for their mail will receive some analytics about their messages within each stack. -The email users are very happy to get this application at their hand as it made their life so easy and comfortable. It is best to have this mail app to make life easy.

Call the AOL Contact Number in case of any type of aol problem. When you call this number you are directed to these Support Contact Number technicians who provide all technical solutions in few times. And they are available 24*7 hours only for you.

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