We Are Closed Up for Awhile

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Of course everyone is really upset, especially in the office. Some of the guys and gals in the shop are not going to shed a lot of tears. They have been working fifty and sixty hours the past few weeks and still not keeping up with the demand. In the office we know that you have to fill the orders when they are there, but the guys who have to work double shifts have different views. The whole thing started with some guys doing sewer cleaning in Bergen county. I have no idea how it happened, but they figured out that all the sewer lines for a block in both directions had to get ripped up and replaced, and they decided that they had to close down the street in order to do it, at least that is how it is going to be for awhile. The bosses went and screamed at everyone that would listen and people who would not listen just the same. It really did not matter that much. The street is still closed and we expect it will be three or four days, if we are lucky.

Of course me and Jim Reed packed up some stuff and got our fishing gear in the back of his truck. He has a cousin that owns a shack on a lake where there is really good fishing. We got up here this morning and set up camp. The lake is really huge and we have this old john boat and a small motor, so we stay close to the shack and Jim's truck. It does not really seem wise to trust this old motor to be honest. We want to be able to get back if we have to use the oars. That is probably going to happen, the thing sputters a lot.

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