We Like It Up Here for Now

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We have not been here very long, but we really like it so far. Of course Asheville in the Summer is a whole different thing from Asheville in the Winter. It is still pretty cool here at night or even if the day is cloudy and windy. We have a stream down hill from us and it is ice cold even when it is hot, my neighbor told me that when his power went out he just put his beer in the stream. At any rate today we had an Asheville tree service come and take down a couple of trees which were hanging over the house and the driveway. At this exact moment I do not think they were much of a threat, but of course we are going to get winter weather up here and it is likely to knock down trees, in particularly any tree that is not standing straight with deep roots firmly in the ground.

Of course we have a fire place here and I kept the firewood just in case we needed it. I have to make sure that the fireplace does not need to be cleaned out. I think you can buy these things that you burn in the fireplace which will burn so hot that it will get rid of the build up in the chimney. At any rate I do not think that I will be caught without a full gas tank, and that will last us quite awhile if needed. I may look to see about getting a back up generator, the sort that comes on as soon as the power goes off and runs off of natural gas. That is sort of expensive, but when it is quite likely that you will have a power outage the expense might be warranted.

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